CSS Mastery, 2nd Edition by Andy Budd, et. al.

Want to learn how this whole CSS thing actually works? Let Andy Budd and company guide you in the right direction.

Cascading Style Sheets are at the heart of web design. No longer are we limited to HTML’s handful of styling elements, with CSS anything is possible. But you already know that, right? What you might not know is how do YOU create effective web designs with CSS.

Andy Budd, Cameron Moll and Simon Collison are true experts at CSS. In this book you will be given a solid foundation to how CSS integrates with HTML and the conceptual box model it’s built on. You’ll learn how elements on a web page are targeted so your styles actually take effect.

With the introductory material out of the way, you’ll learn about styling links, which demonstrates how to turn those plain-looking text links into fancy buttons with graphics or by using new CSS 3 techniques to achieve button effects without graphics. Styling lists and creating navigation bars also receive good coverage.

The authors also show techniques for rounding the corners of boxes. Moving on from there the book covers how to style forms and data tables. A must if you want to break away from the bland forms and tables we’ve been looking at for years.

Chapter 8 discusses overall layout options for your site. This includes centered, two-column and three-column designs with a discussion of the popular 960 grid system. Various methods of achieving the three-column effect are covered.

The book finishes with two complete case studies to help solidify everything you’ve learned. This was my least liked part of the book. Case studies in general bore me. I’m more of a dictionary type of learner I guess. This means that. Now do it. Anyway, CSS Mastery, 2nd Edition really is a good book and worth several reads. Keep it around as a good reference to CSS.