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USB Builder for Enterprise Linux (UBEL) is the premier software for creating USB installers from Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, Oracle Linux®, CentOS® and Scientific Linux® on any Microsoft Windows® computer that supports the .Net 4.0 Framework. As the modern computing landscape has become increasingly diverse, many people find themselves needing or desiring to work within a variety of popular and sophisticated platforms and environments.

One scenario where this trend is often seen, is in the deployment of side-by-side installations of Microsoft Windows® and the popular Enterprise Linux operating systems. Many Windows® users requiring such a setup are in need of tools to simplify the installation of Enterprise Linux on their current systems.

This is where UBEL (the USB Builder for Enterprise Linux) comes in. UBEL is designed to run on modern Windows® operating systems. Running atop the stable and secure .Net 4.0 Framework, UBEL makes the process of producing a USB installation drive a snap. In fact, UBEL is simplicity itself!

  1. Obtain a copy of a supported Enterprise Linux DVD or ISO image file.
  2. Install USB Builder for Enterprise Linux and start the application.
  3. Insert the Enterprise Linux DVD into the optical drive or browse for the ISO image file.
  4. Connect a FAT32 formatted USB device to your computer.
  5. Click a button and let UBEL take care of the rest!

I told you it couldn’t be easier! Check out all the features!